What should you choose between Sling TV Orange and Sling Blue Plans

    The famous Sling TV is continuously increasing its user base with time. It provides the best TV experience through its three plans that are:-

    Sling Orange.

    Sling Blue.

    Sling Orange+Blue.

    Out of these three, the very first and the second plan have almost the same price, but the last one that is Sling orange+blue plan have a bit more price, but you may get that too at the same price as that of Sling Orange and Sling Blue. To know, how to get it you should contact the Sling TV customer service.

    Here, I am mentioning the proper comparison between these two the Sling TV orange and Sling TV blue plans, so that you may choose the better one as per your requirements.

    The Sling Orange plan

    This plan cost you around 25 USD, which is exactly the same as that of the Sling Blue plan, but what makes it different from the Sling Blue plan is that it has many such channels that are not available under the Sling Blue plan.

    Also, For Sling Orange plan users, the simultaneous streaming is possible only on a single device. Here the users get around 30 channels. Out of which channels like Disney Channel and ESPN can be considered as special cases because they are not available under the Sling Orange plan. Here you get all the channels under FFF or FAF Network.

    The Sling Blue plan

    This plan also cost you around 25 USD. It may stream on three different devices at a time. Also, it provides you around more than 45 channels. It has many such channels that are not available under the Sling Orange plan. Some of those channels are Bravo, FOX, FOX sports regionals, FS1, FS2, FX, FXX, Nat Geo Wild, National Geographic, NBC, NBCSN, NFL network, SYFY, and USA network.

    If you prefer to have some selective channels only then you should the channels provided by both these plans, and then you should decide the better one for you, but if you want to have more channels, then the Sling TV blue plan should be most preferred one for you. If you are ready to spend a bit of extra money, then I suggest you buy the Sling TV orange+Blue plan. Here, you get all the facilities that you may get with the Sling TV orange plan and the blue plan. It normally cost you around 40 USD per month.

    For more queries, you may contact the Sling TV customer service number anytime at 1-833-886-2666.